Gayla Lemke     ceramic and mixed media sculpture, intaglio, drawings
Pupule PuKapaliliNahekaPulukaCybeleFireGaiaAthenaFusionTimmy and the Mopes play at Edge Gallery during Interlude.Opening reception of "Interlude."Family Day at the Denver Art MuseumFamily Day at the Denver Art Museum.Opening reception at Art Students League of Denver.Another shot at the Art Students League
Musical Instruments
This body of work began as an exploration of hand built ceramic vessels. The pieces immediately took on the feel of musical instruments that begged to be handled or played. I began researching the art of making ceramic instruments and incorporating the function of sound-making into my pieces. While the sculptural aspect is stronger than the playability of some, the possibility of sound exists in them all. The instruments are predominantly membranophones and aerophones.